Our Authors

Please take a moment and read about our amazing authors that make all of this possible!

Lianne Ashton (Author)

“Lianne is an expat living in Mozambique and the author of the blog Africa far and wide. She takes us on a visual journey into the Africa she has come to learn about and love; documenting the incredible lives and stories of Mozambicans post a 16 year guerrilla war and photographing the wild life and spectacular landscapes of Africa.”

Her personal blog: http://africafarandwide.wordpress.com/

Steven Blandin (Author)

Steven Blandin at Alafia Banks
“My name is Steven Blandin, a professional wildlife photographer, based in Tampa, Florida. I organize instructional photography tours locally and overseas for nature photographers from beginners to professionals. You may follow my adventures on my wildlife photography blog or join me to exotic destinations such as Botswana and the Victoria Falls. I will teach you how to frame the subject, take stunning pictures of birds in flight, shoot in fully manual mode to capture with the optimum exposure and will take you through my Photoshop post-processing secrets.”

His personal blog: http://bird-wildlifephotographyblog.com

Steve Boer (Author)

My name is Steve Boer and I’m an amateur photographer currently living in Alberta, Canada with my wife and our two cats. I’m mainly interested in wildlife and nature photography, which suits my introverted personality.
All the photographs featured in my blog and more are available for purchase as prints or downloads at Steve Boer Photography. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of my images will be donated to charity in support of our friends who are volunteering at the Seed of Hope in South Africa.

His personal blog: http://steveboer.wordpress.com

Usha Harish (Author)

“I am Usha Harish, a Chartered accountant by profession but a photographer by choice…I have been playing around with my camera for over 4 years now and love capturing nature in any form. I love traveling and currently live in Nairobi, Kenya.”

Her Personal Blog: www.lenstrek.me

Martyn Thompson (Author)

“I exist to make music and show the world through my eyes… I like to use my camera as an extension of my eyes and encourage people to look at the world in ways that they wouldn’t do normally. I am so inspired by the diversity of the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata where I live and the surrounding areas that I have set up a small company to run photography experiences in and around the area. I work at all levels of expertise and I have very much to offer those who would like to take part. I believe that in sharing my love of the environment through what I do, I can inspire others to care about the world in which they live.”

His personal blog: http://cabodegataphotography.com

Danny Xu (Author)

“Danny Xu, a retired legal translator, lives in Richmond, BC, Canada, with a passion for photography and loves travel and outdoor activities such as hiking and snowshoeing. His photo portfolio includes landscape, wildlife, travel and street photographs. He posts his photographs regularly on his blog (dannyxu.wordpress.com).”

His personal blog: http://dannyxu.wordpress.com

Doug Couvillion (Author)

“I’m an information technology professional who loves the outdoors.  Photography provides me with a creative outlet that’s fun, expressive and completely unrelated to my profession.  Combining it with my enjoyment and appreciation of wildlife has led me to focus my creative energy on capturing the beauty and excitement of the natural world around me.  Whether I’m hiking in a national park or simply walking through my backyard in the suburbs of Richmond, VA, USA there’s always a photographic subject to be found.  I hope you’ll enjoy my photographs and invite you to visit my personal photo blog at dougcouvillion.wordpress.com.”

Elizabeth LaFond (Author)

“My name is Elizabeth LaFond.  I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember.  My earliest memories are with my Dad teaching me as a young child about watching and using light, shade, and angles.  My boyfriend and I are avid hikers, campers, and fishers.  Please check out my blog at http://picturedmoment.wordpress.com/  I am currently working on setting up a shop so my work may be purchased, keep checking back there for details.”


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