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This blog is a photographic tour thru my lens of the rich flora and fauna Africa has got for us.All it takes is a sharp eye to take in the detail, a brain to see the creativity in a moment and a quick index finger to capture the above elements into a digital record for posterity. This blog is one such attempt to bring the sheer natural beauty of that land and it's creatures to us through my digital medium.

Resting time


The family of lions resting in Chobe National park,Botswana in the link below.

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Pied Kingfisher

The following link would take you to a picture of a pied kingfisher from Lake Victoria. This is an act just before catching the fish from the lake…


Black headed heron

This water bird shot was taken at the Kazinga channel at Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda.

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Ugandan Kob

This is taken at Paraa in Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda.

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Giraffe crossing

This photograph was taken at Murchison falls National Park in Uganda.They are Rothchild giraffes.

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Ugandan Cranes

One of the most beautiful and elegant looking bird in Uganda. The grey crowned crane is the national bird of the country too and features in the country’s flag and the coat of arms.This photograph was taken at Lutembe Bay , one of the wetland Ramsar site in Kampala.

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