Coyote Pup Pack

Pup Pack

Out in Cherry Creek State Park, a small wildlife reserve nestled in the suburban sprawl south of Denver, CO, a diversity of beautiful wildlife survives. A very large colony of prairie dogs serves to keep a population of Coyote, a sadly misunderstood and unduly feared wild canine, healthy and growing.

The coyotes of the Cherry Creek prairie dog colony started out with a mere few a couple years ago, perhaps a male and three others. Today, they number at least nine, and as many as thirteen. A healthy and rowdy pack of yearling coyote pups (probably birthed last spring), four of which are pictured here, howl at the moon in chorus, roughhouse with each other, and hunt the adorable little ground rodents that populate their home.

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Canon EOS 7D
Canon EF 600mm f/4 L IS II
Gitzo GT3532LS + Jobu Pro2 Gimbal

Jon Rista

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