Whitetail Deer

I love whitetails!  They are one of my favorite subjects to photograph, but here in Maine they are not easy to get. I go to the city to get them because it is easier to find them there. Out here in the county where I live there is too much forest to hide in, so it’s much harder to see them. They are not as used to people either like city deer so they will flee at the sight of humans, In the city where I got these they will let you get pretty close at times. They are not hunted there, but are not far away, so if they wonder off this protected area they do get shot. Some people love them and some don’t like them because they eat their flowers and shrubs. I love seeing them, the moms and babies are so sweet and the bucks  so majestic. I  have even been seeing an antlered doe the last 3 years. Her antlers don’t grow very big they are just lumps that keep adding a little every year. This is a close up of her when she came into the corn patch I was trying to hide in . She was only about 30 feet away, but didn’t run or blow at me, she just kept on eating as she wondered off. I Got these beautiful bucks  the same time, 6 different ones this day. One broke off and antler already, you can see the hard stub of the antler sticking out of the velvet. I have no idea what happened.

Soon they will shed their velvet  on their antlers and they will turn hard. Their necks will swell as they prepare for the upcoming rutting season. They are a sight to behold at this time! They will be at the best weight by the end of October here in Maine. They also are harder to find then , because after they shed the velvet in September their bachelor groups will break up and they go their separate ways,…….. looking for love.

City Whitetails

City Whitetails

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