Cottonwood Creek Muskrat

Muskrat on Cottonwood Creek

While I spend most of my time photographing birds around Cottonwood Creek, it also contains other creatures. One of the more elusive is the Muskrat, a medium sized aquatic rodent. Muskrat are similar to Beavers in that they live most of their lives on or near the water, and even build small “lodges” on the water to breed and raise their young. Here in Colorado they are extremely timid, and will usually dive from their hiding spots along a shore with a squeak and disappear before you even knew they were there. I was lucky to have been set up and waiting for a bird when this rather chubby fella swam down stream right to me.

Exposure: 1/1250s f/4 @ ISO 400

See more at my Nature Photography blog.


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