How to photograph silhouettes

Great Blue Heron silhouette at Fort DesotoHello!

My name is Steven Blandin and I am a professional wildlife photographer making his first post on Wildlifehub. 🙂 The photograph above is a silhouette at sunset of a Great Blue Heron at Fort Desoto Park, Florida. To create beautiful silhouettes, I follow a two step procedure:

1. Underexpose while taking the picture by one to two stops, by either dialing minus two stops in the manual exposure compensation while in Av or Tv mode, or adjusting the shutter speed to have a minus stop metering while in fully manual mode.

2. Adjust levels in Photoshop to make the silhouette go completely dark

Hope you like the tip!

Steven Blandin

PS: I organize instructional photography workshops to teach nature photographers from beginners to professionals.


2 thoughts on “How to photograph silhouettes

  1. Steven Blandin Post author

    Thank you Jon! Note that nothing is left to chance here. The Great Blue Heron and the sun are following the rule of thirds. Fell free to follow my wildlife photography blog (!


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