News: Lake Trout Invading Yellowstone

An invasive species of trout called “lake trout” have been found in a lake in Yellowstone National Park.

The solution is simple yet complex. The lake trout must go. But that is not so easy to do. The lake trouts are about twice the size of the native cutthroat trout. And the problem is that the far heavier bigger and aggressive lake trout eat the smaller and weaker cutthroat trout. And the cutthroat trout need protecting. Two out of fourteen of the species of cutthroats have already gone extinct, and the cutthroat trout are vital to the local eco-system. The invasive lake trout are deepwater dwellers, therefore inaccessible to animals like bears, eagles and otters. So without the cutthroat trout for the animals to feed on, many would go hungry. Solutions to the problem are commercial deepwater fishing. The number of trout is still growing, but at a smaller amount. Something still needs to happen.


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